Too Tired to Cook Pantry Staples

Not all of these choices are healthy, but when you don’t have the energy to cook, it’s important to get something in your stomach!

Oatmeal – individual/microwaveable servings (helps to add fresh fruit if you have on hand!)

Cereal – preferably low sugar

Nut butter (peanut, almond, etc) Toast with nut butter is quick, especially if you need to take meds/supps with food.

Bags of rice that heat in 90 seconds (if you don’t want to microwave, it heats quickly on stove as well.)
My fav is the organic brand, “Tasty Bite”

Pasta & Spaghetti sauce

Boxed or canned soup

Broth (if I have leftover hamburger or chicken I add it to the broth with some rice)

Macaroni and Cheese (it does require some cooking but still quick!) Add hot dogs for protein….and the childhood memories 😉

The easiest way to get nutrients into your body is with powder blends of superfoods/greens, and protein bars
Some of my favorites:

Paleo Valley Organic Supergreens

Your Super  superfood and plant protein mixes and Your Super Bars

More bar favorites: Luna and KIND bars

Another favorite snack to have on hand: Paleo Valley Grass-fed Beef Sticks



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