My Go-To for Fighting Viruses and Bacteria

This has been my best discovery ever! It was first recommended to me to protect myself from germs and viruses while traveling. Then, it was recommended for my kids’ acne breakouts, and then for a cold sore, for treating a cut on my dog, and even disinfecting my kitchen and bathroom!

What IS this miracle spray? It’s called HOCI (Hypochlorous Acid).

I don’t know about you, but the word ‘hypochlorous’ sounds a bit ominous for anyone without a chemistry degree, and the word ‘acid’ makes me think of burns, corrosion, and toxic gasses – NOT something that you can spray in your face or on open wounds.

But here’s the surprising part: HOCI is made with only water, salt, and electricity.
The water is electrically charged, and because the salt molecules are activated, they are highly effective at low concentrations.

HOCI is unique in that it is a healer for our body’s wounds and infections but is lethal to nearly all known bacteria and viruses, even those that become resistant to other treatments.

And unlike bleach, HOCI can be used without personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and masks and is safe to dispose of without concerns that it will negatively impact the environment. It has no harmful or irritating odors and won’t burn your skin or corrode surfaces. In fact, HOCI can be up to 80 times as effective as bleach.

Here’s the chemistry degree stuff—bacteria and bleach are both negatively charged, meaning bacteria can repel bleach the way two similarly charged magnets do. Meanwhile, HOCI has a neutral charge, so it can easily penetrate negatively charged organisms.

Does HOCI work against COVID-19?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recommended numerous disinfectants against COVID-19, including hypochlorous acid (HOCI). HOCI has been shown to inactivate a variety of viruses, including coronaviruses, in less than 1 minute. The mechanism of disinfection involves the destroying of the cell wall of microbes or viruses, allowing the disinfectant to destroy or inactivate them.
So, why haven’t more people heard of it? Likely because it’s not sold by a large corporation. And it has a relatively short shelf life because it is activated and eventually converts back into water, making it challenging to store and distribute. Just be sure to check the expiration on the bottle.

HOCI has multiple uses, including:

• Disinfectant for the home, office, car, school, and traveling.
• Skin conditions like acne, eczema, and diaper rash.
• Hand sanitizer.
• Gingivitis and other oral conditions.
• Itching, redness, and odors on pets.
• Fruit & veggie spray.
• Wound care.
• Nebulize for respiratory issues.
• Deodorizer.

I have bottles in my car, bathroom, kitchen, and purse! Before arriving at the airport, I spray it on my hands and face (including my eyes and mouth) and then spray it on anything I touch on the plane. I use it on my face every morning and night, especially if I’ve been sweating. I spray it on cuts, cold sores, or any other skin conditions. It’s supposed to help with wrinkles, but they don’t have a bottle big enough for mine. 😉

I’ve given bottles to all my kids as well as friends with compromised autoimmune conditions. My daughter swears by it and shares it with her friends, telling them, “It’s like hand sanitizer for your face.”

I’ve only used HOCI from Briotech, so I’m not familiar with other brands.

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