Suzanne Somers products??

Yeah, laugh all you want, I LOVE her products. First of all, most of you probably don’t even know who Suzanne Somers is. She starred in Three’s Company, a sitcom I grew up watching. She went on to become a voice and face for alternative medicine after she and her husband lived through cancer and mold illness. Suzanne has written several books on healthy living and I have come to respect and trust her knowledge and her products. They are more than natural, more than organic… they are Certified ToxicFree®. No PEGs, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no sodium lauryl sulfates, no chemical emulsifiers, no animal testing, and completely gluten-free.

Years ago, I started her monthly box subscription which was a perfect way to discover her products. I’ve since found my favs and here is a list of products I use regularly:

Anti-aging eye cream, body lotion, body wash, serum, liquid oxygen facial serum, lip balm, DEET-free outdoor spray, foot mist(crazy how obsessed I’ve become to this in the summer!)

Shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel, and several of her makeup products.  She has cleaning products (I have not tried these yet), food, supplements, and more.

Check out her products here!