When I was sick with the mold illness I couldn’t drink wine — just one sip could make my head pulse and throb. Was it the sulfites? The sugar? The pesticides? Turns out many of the world’s winemaking standards allow for the use of toxic pesticides in the vineyard, as well as hundreds of artificial processing aids and ingredients during production. Organic wine didn’t seem to make much of a difference. A friend, also experiencing difficult symptoms, told me about Scout & Cellar.

They created the Clean-Crafted Commitment® — one of the most rigorous wine-growing standards in the entire industry. By eliminating toxic pesticides, artificial processing aids, artificial ingredients, and added sugar, they’re celebrating wine in its most authentic form and promoting the uniqueness of the wine’s terroir from the ground, all the way to your glass.

What will you get from Scout & Cellar wines?

  • Delicious wine that is low in sulfites — each wine is tested to ensure sulfites are fewer than 100ppm.
  • Wine produced without artificial processing aids or ingredients.
  • Grapes grown without toxic pesticides.

They also independently lab-test each bottle for toxic pesticides and sulfites.

And they take their Clean-Crafted Commitment just one step further, every product they create is accompanied by a Soil-to-Sip Report, a proprietary breakout of in-depth product details, including ingredients, fermenting/aging/bottling processes, and nutritional content. In short, the Soil-to-Sip report serves as both a product guide and as proof-positive that the Clean-Crafted Commitment was upheld throughout every stage of the product’s creation. From the soil, all the way to the first sip.

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