Bones from 2-4 chickens- preferably organic (break bones apart as much as you can)
2 T Apple Cider Vinegar
2-4 carrots scrubbed, chopped into big pieces
3-4 ribs celery (include leafy part), chopped into big pieces
1 onion cut into chunks
Any fresh herbs you may have on hand (I like thyme)
Optional: 6-8 chicken feet totally ups the healing properties! Found in many Asian markets

Throw all of the above in a large stockpot.
Add purified water — enough to cover the bones. Add water as needed during the cooking process to ensure the bones are always covered.

Simmer uncovered for 24 hours (I cover loosely overnight)

In the last hour, add:
½ bunch parsley
Fresh ground salt & pepper

Set a colander on top of a large empty stockpot. Pour broth into a colander (or a large fine-mesh sieve) into another large stockpot. Discard solids (or save remaining chicken meat/carrots for pets) 😉

Let cool.
Pour through a funnel into mason jars. (Do not fill all the way to the top – there needs to be room for the freezing)
Refrigerate at least 12 hours before putting into freezer.
Broth will keep 5-7 days in frig, 3 months in the freezer.

Broth uses:
~drink in a mug
~replace water for broth in recipes
~add cooked rice/shredded chicken for easy Chicken&Rice soup
~use as a base for any soup!

Once you make this a few times, you won’t even need the recipe!