Hi! I’m Kathy Hart.

Similar to knowing the story and inspiration behind a song, I believe knowing the person behind this website will add to your personal experience with it. First, I have a confession… I often get bored reading ‘About Me’ pages so thank you for being curious. I will do my best not to bore you!

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs in the 70s with banana seat bikes, powdered milk, and Led Zeppelin. My passion for music during that time allowed me to avoid a ‘real’ job and work in radio for 30+ years.

I was a middle-child misfit who never felt like I fit in anywhere so I pursued life with a nothing-to-lose attitude. I was drawn to things girls didn’t do back then. I got my first radio job when there were very few females on the air. Fueled by suddenly fitting in where I ‘didn’t belong’, I discovered martial arts and became the first girl at my karate school to earn a black belt, and in my career became the first female in my category elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame.

I know… sounds braggy! But please know my purpose in sharing this. I was the LEAST likely person to do these things. Never the popular girl, I was super shy (and nauseatingly terrified the first time I talked on the radio,) and far from the athletic girl; ‘clumsy’ and ‘awkward’ were words often used to describe me so I questioned my sanity when I signed up for martial arts.

Blissfully ignorant, I’ve chosen a life of adventure. What I did not choose was a life-changing illness for myself and my kids. I was diagnosed with a serious mold illness and my two boys with Lyme disease. After years of us being misdiagnosed, I was determined to get answers. Helping my family heal has taught me many things but most importantly it has taught me that GRIT continues to get me through things I never knew were possible.

GRIT: the perseverance to stick with something even after experiencing difficulty or failure; the passion to commit to a challenging task.

We all have it. Some just haven’t found it yet. Grit is not something you learn in a classroom. It’s not even something you are born with. You develop it by experiencing hard things; challenges that make you want to quit (like an illness) whether it’s with you or your children. We all have a path and sometimes we get lost, and sometimes we hit speedbumps or detours. My mission with Gritology is to help you along your path to healing with grit and grace!

Your dreams are on the other side of your grit!


I’ve set up a Calendly page to offer consultations. Wellness Consultations will offer strategies for dealing with mold exposure, Lyme disease, detoxing protocols, or spiritual growth. Clean Home Consultations will include me doing a virtual tour of your home to help you replace the bad-for-you with the good-for-you. See more here: Calendly.com/kathyhart