A Montana Family with Boots in Alaska.

LOVE this story! Two Montana sisters spend their summer in Bristol Bay, Alaska, gathering the absolute freshest, wild-caught sockeye salmon and Pacific halibut, hand-cut and delivered directly to you. I’ve been eating this fish since I moved to Montana and have become an absolute snob. Ha! Since tasting it, I will not eat anything else!

From catch to customer, processed in small batches, you know who caught your fish and where it came from.

Sustainability is the driving force in Alaska’s fishing industry. A commitment to sustainable fishing practices requires time, resources, science-based research, and enforcement of rules. The size of Bristol Bay’s salmon runs prove the sustainability and success of this approach.

Kvichak Fish Co. (kwee-jak) is named after the Kvichak River in southwestern Alaska that flows to Kvichak Bay, an arm of Bristol Bay.

What’s the difference between wild-caught and farm-raised?  

Just look at the difference in color! And you can absolutely taste the difference.


Research shows farmed salmon contain five times more toxins than any other food tested and has been called the most toxic food in the world. 

Wild sockeye salmon is a key source of marine omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) which are essential for our bodies to promote heart health, suppress inflammatory responses, improve blood flow and participate in brain function. Sockeye is also naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals. Bristol Bay sockeye’s natural diet of krill and plankton, which provide its iconic ruby-red hue, makes it a leading source of astaxanthin, a powerful heart-healthy, free-radical busting compound that supports whole health.

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