When you don’t have the energy to cook, it helps to have some quick meals on hand in the freezer or frig.

Here are some ideas!

  • Frozen dinners, pizza (read labels, opt for a healthy version)

  • Frozen fruit and/or veggies to add to a smoothie

  • Frozen breakfast sausages (I like to have these with a hard-boiled egg and piece of toast with nut butter)

  • Frozen breakfast burritos

  • Hard-boiled eggs (eat alone or make egg salad)

  • Fried egg sandwich

  • Yogurt (add fruit and/or granola)

  • Pre-cut fruit/veggies (a bit expensive to get it pre-cut, but better to have it than not!)

  • Lettuce w/slices of turkey or ham and cheese to roll-up