Sound familiar? Sadly, most of us dealing with chronic illness have heard these not only from our doctors but from our well-intended family members as well. I’m guessing my story is similar to yours….

A terrifying panic attack led me to a doctor who, after a five-minute conversation, prescribed meds. They didn’t work. He prescribed another one. That didn’t work. I was sent off to specialists, which resulted in me walking out of yet another office in tears with no diagnosis AND feeling like I was crazy. Eventually, I found an Integrative M.D. who finally got to the root cause of my symptoms. Getting those answers (and the validation it wasn’t “just stress”) had me in tears of relief! This is the story of SO many people suffering from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

Our current medical system is not designed to discover the root cause. We absolutely need Western medicine for emergencies, broken bones, etc. But with our bodies being bombarded daily with toxins, chemicals, and harmful food, it’s resulting in chronic conditions with multiple symptoms… and multiple causes that Western doctors have simply not been trained to find. Nor are doctors afforded the proper time with each patient, which is crucial for understanding why the patient is sick. And, unfortunately, it’s not just adults who are suffering.

“Before the age of 16, half of the children in the U.S. will have a chronic disorder or disease. And between 60-70% of adults currently live with at least one chronic illness.” ~Dr. Zach Bush

Many kids have spent their entire life not feeling good, and they’re filled with anxiety, depression, and despair that this is what life is. We owe it to them to find out what is happening in their body and save them from the pain of not only their illness but the pain of not being understood. Both my boys were diagnosed with ADHD and I was told to put them on medication. After functional testing, we discovered it was Lyme disease — pediatric Lyme symptoms are almost identical to ADHD symptoms — and once we treated the Lyme, their ADHD behavior was gone.

My inspiration in compiling the information for this book is the millions of children being robbed of their childhood. It’s frustrating enough that most adults are dealing with health issues, but our children should not be dealing with chronic illness or autoimmune disease — and the inevitable trauma it is causing — especially post-COVID. Our kids need to know their illness is not their fault. Our kids should be busy making forts, coming home dirty, and eating a PB&J that is healthy for them, not one with pesticides, chemicals, and carcinogens. Our kids should not be carrying epi-pens because that PB&J could literally KILL them. What IS encouraging, however, is the number of doctors realizing our medical system is broken and they are now looking beyond it to discover true healing for their patients. Testing for food sensitivities, genetics, mold, and Lyme disease can all be a crucial piece to their (and our own) healing.

So, while I’m not an M.D., I’m a MOM. A mom on a mission to heal my children. I’ve spent years scouring research and scientific literature for answers. I’ve spent years working with multiple practitioners. It’s been complicated, frustrating, and expensive. There have been failures, but also successes along the way. And now I’m on a mission to share everything I’ve learned, in a comprehensive yet simple way, in the hopes it will help you and your family. I’m sharing my experiences, protocols, products, and practitioners, but I encourage you to find what makes you comfortable for your individual situation, as we are all different. Not to mention, the science and research are constantly being updated! Let’s give our kids the childhood they deserve. Let’s give ourselves the life we deserve!

My inspiration. My kids (in 2008.)

If this information helps just ONE child heal or avoid years of suffering because they were misdiagnosed, my goal with this website will be accomplished!

Here’s to living a healthy and happy life!

xo ~kathy